Dream Woman 78 Hitomi


Studio: Moodys

Studio #: MIGD-331

Hitomi is sitting outside on a bench, surrounded by men. After a brief interview, the guys begin to grope her, liberating her massive tits from her sweatshirt and lifting up her skirt. Hitomi is given a little pink vibrator, with which she sets to work pleasuring herself through her panties. Before long, the drips produced by the orgasms she gives herself form a little puddle under the bench. Next, Hitomi is kneeling on a mat, still outside, with a dick in her mouth. The first load of jizz is quick to come, leaving Hitomi with a streak of white goo from her forehead down to her chin. The bukkake has begun! Hitomi sits with her mouth open as one guy after another, sometimes in pairs, steps in to plaster her face with semen or drop their load in her mouth. Gooey strands of sperm run down her face and dribble onto her exposed breasts, and from there to the ground between her legs, where Hitomi is still at work with the pink vibrator. Eventually, she slides her panties down around her ankles and squats, using the vibrator to unleash a squirting, gushing orgasm that mixes with the pool of jizz on the ground.

Wearing a skimpy bikini and white lace blouse, Hitomi shows us what she can do with her mouth. She starts by licking one guy’s face, then French kissing him as she tugs on his dick until he cums. Next, she kneels down for a first person POV blowjob, catching a load of cum on her tongue and then showing it to us, letting it bubble out between her lips and drizzle down her chin. A third guy lies upside down on a sofa with his ass up in the air. Hitomi leans over the back of the sofa to give him a rim job, industriously working her tongue back and forth and in circles over his asshole. She offers to suck him off, and is soon back on her knees with another wad of jizz in her mouth to show us. This time, she lets gooey strands of semen slip out of her mouth, only to suck them back in repeatedly. The next lucky guy gets Hitomi on her knees with her blouse and bikini top gone. She wraps her enormous breasts around his cock for an enticing first person POV tit job that ends with another mouthful of cum. Now, with Hitomi still on her knees, the guys start coming faster, stepping in to fill her mouth or coat her face with semen. The scene ends with her face and tits well doused.

Hitomi, in a white business suit, is in an office, leaning over her male coworker’s shoulder discussing important work-related matters. Naturally, she is on her knees with his dick in her mouth in a matter of seconds. We get some nice views of Hitomi’s expert blow job technique before he pumps his load onto her tongue, splashing half of it across her face in the process. Hitomi shows us her prize. Minutes later, she is placing files on a shelf when another male coworker approaches her from behind. Word has clearly gotten out about a certain office worker’s oral skills! The man pulls open her shirt and attacks her tits, squeezing them hard and licking her nipples. He tears open her pantyhose to get at her pussy, and soon has her on her hands and knees on a desk, with her clean shaven pussy on display. Using two fingers, he coaxes her almost immediately to a massively squirting orgasm, then replaces the fingers with his dick to pound her pussy. They switch positions several times to give us several extremely gratifying views of Hitomi’s gargantuan mammaries flopping wildly about as she gets drilled. She ends up on her back on a sofa, where the rest of the guys from her office gets a chance to cum on her face.

Dominatrix Hitomi, clad in PVC lingerie with thigh-high boots and full length gloves, stands over a naked and tied up man, flogging him with a whip and then stroking his flaccid penis. After some taunting, Hitomi finally lets him stand up and squats before him to suck his dick. After sucking a load of cum out of him, she makes him lie down again, then squats over his face with her panties off to piss briefly in his mouth.

Hitomi is wearing the same dominatrix outfit, but this time she is the victim. Tied up with her legs spread wide, she’s brought to a screaming and squirting orgasm by means of a massager and a pair of fingers. She’s then fitted with a ring gag that props her mouth wide open. Lying back in her chair, still tied up and unable to close her mouth, Hitomi is assaulted by the usual barrage of men jacking off on her face. Once she’s properly glazed with cum, we get an instant replay of the assault in a split screen, with the other half of the screen showing Hitomi in a blue bikini, jumping rope and playing with her tits.

Here she is in that same blue bikini, or the bottom of it anyway. A couple of male hands come in to grope her tits a bit and then hold up a large, realistically shaped, clear plastic dildo. Hitomi takes the dildo between her huge breasts and performs an expert tit job (which we get to watch completely uncensored, since it’s not a real dick!). As she works her tits around the dildo, another guy steps in to put a real dick in her mouth. Hitomi drools the cum all over her gorgeous fun bags, then settles in for her own special take on a bukkake scene, with several guys in a row stepping up to put their dicks between her tits and cum all over her chest. After taking a few more loads in a more traditional manner (on her face), she lies down on her back on a futon and gets fucked hard while an army of guys make a messy semen swamp of her face.

The final scene begins with Hitomi dressed all in white and a dozen pairs of hands groping her from all directions. Her clothes come off as a slimy clear lotion is poured all over her to make her body shiny and slippery. Now that she’s ready, the scene shifts to Hitomi on her hands and knees on a futon, completely naked, getting fucked hard from behind as her J-cup breasts hang almost to the ground, flapping furiously back and forth with each thrust. A second guy enters and puts his dick in her mouth, and Hitomi gets fucked from both sides for a while until she gets herself a mouth full of cum. Soon she’s on her back again, being fucked all the while as the usual suspects step in to thoroughly plaster her face. The movie ends with a short high-light reel of the best shots.

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